Saturday, February 20, 2016

Chrisette Michele Pre-Album Tour

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

Only those close to me can tell you how excited I get when I meet my favorite celebrities and Chrisette just happens to be on the same level as BeyoncĂ© to me so imagine the thrill!! 

This is my third time meeting Chrisette but first time really introducing myself and getting a nice photo.  

Chrisette is my favorite artist, her music speaks to my soul and resonates within me. Her actions outside of music remind me of who I feel I am or I strive to be. She is soul and rich in heart and art which nothing could replace!!

The Concert
An artist I've never heard of named Patrice Live opened up for Chrisette and she was amazing. She has a great singing voice, great stage presence, amazing dancing and very relatable. She is pretty and I can see her going very far. I heard her interacting with fans who purchased her album afterwords.
Check her out "Patrice Live." 

Then, there was a rapper that we were told is signed to Dame Dash's new label by the name of Joshua Gunn who reminded me of a baby J.Cole. He has great stage ability, lyrics and killer delivery. His singer/hype man was amazing as well. Definitely a great way to open up the show and very entertaining. His lyrics were on the level of J.Cole as one line was "You lukewarm, May Weather." Check him out as well: Joshua Gunn

Back to Chrisette, she sang everything from her Grammy award winning "Be Ok" to "Better" and "Blame It On Me." Also, "Total Praise," All I Ever Think About" and so much more. I know the words to all of these songs which is a miracle!! 

I love Chrisette and if you love real singing, you'll love her as well. 
Visit to check her out!!

I gave Chrisette my book so let's pray that she reads it and enjoys it!!

Check out our pic:

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time
Marshay H.