Monday, March 7, 2016

THE BBW Body Brigade

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

Presenting the Beautiful Big Women Brigade.... Featuring Chrisette Michele, Jasmine Sullivan, Danielle Brooks and Gabi Gregg (Fresh). 

These women mentioned above grace the Ebony cover and a special inside featuring these women in all their glory. Thick thighs and pretty eyes all over the paper. Now let me show you the cover:

Stunning, right?? They are gorgeous in their red lipstick and sexy army uniforms showing that Big is Beautiful and Strong.

Now, let's talk about why this cover is so important.

The History
For years, women of a larger size have been body shamed, talked about and called a thousand names that don't quite represent who they are. Today is all about changing the misperceptions. Not everyone who is larger, thicker, bigger or even fatter is lazy, sloppy, unhealthy and insecure. These women are actually hardworking artists, singers, designers, actresses and in everyday life can be mothers, wives and much more. Yes, their thighs are bigger and their hips, too but does that make them any less valuable than you. I think NOT!! Chrisette was a vegan for a while, and due to health issues had to change her eating habits up a bit so she's not slushing down slabs of ribs as many may like to think.

The Labels
Fat- A person who has a large percentage of body fat or excess flesh. 
Thick- A person who is thick in the thighs and a little big (my interpertation) but by dictionary, in or with deep, dense or heavy mass. 
Plus size-of a size larger than a normal range.
Big-considerable size or extent.

To a certain extent, I don't understand why women or people hate the above terms now sloppy and lazy, I get but big is just better and plus is just more of and thick is sexy and fat, now that I understand may sound offensive but to a certain degree when you own what you are, it makes it that much better. Don't let the world define your size, YOU DEFINE who you are or even better, GOD Does!!

    My Fav: Chrisette Michele

Actress in Orange is the New Black: Danielle Brooks

Fashion Designer Gabi Gregg

Singer Jasmine Sullivan

Don't they ALL look GORGEOUS

I love all of these women and I think this is an accomplishment, we should celebrate CONFIDENCE!! 

                  Body Brigade

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time 
Marshay H.