Monday, August 19, 2013

ABOUT Young Stars in Hollywood 2013

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:


R.I.P. to "The Famous Jett Jackson"

Do you remember this famous face?

  • He was the main character on the show "The Famous Jett Jackson."
  • He was in the movie "Friday Night Lights."
  • He was also on the show "Rizzoli and Liles."
  • He was found dead in his apartment early today and the cause was SUICIDE.

****So many young stars are failing to live life to its full potential and some are causing their own deaths earlier than expected by doing things that are not healthy for them. It saddens me to hear of his death because I remember this show slightly, I remember his cute face, too. He is a handsome and talented man who felt the need to kill himself and we have no suicide note to know why. I pray that the fame, money and freedom that these  young stars have isn't too much for them to handle. I pray that God allows these artists to learn to love themselves.

Did you see the Lindsay Lohan-Oprah interview????

  • I like how Oprah was honest with her and straight forward such as saying you have an addiction to chaos, you should not take that trip to Europe.
  • I am surprised to hear that the Adderall caused her to want to do other drugs and had her acting different then she expected.

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Friday, August 9, 2013


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:
Do you feel like your belly fat is the last place you lose weight?

Women have a hard time losing belly fat because of hormones!! 

Menopause is something of a certain age experience which causes a drop in estrogen; this decrease alters where the body stores fat, making women more prone to gaining visceral belly fat. Other hormonal imbalances during this time can leave the body feeling hungry, even after eating. Sleep disturbances, common in perimenopause and menopause, are associated with decreased levels of leptin (an appetite suppressant) and increased levels of ghrelin (an appetite stimulant) -Per Dr.Oz Website


The older you get, the more reluctant your body is to losing weight.

Always Watch Dr. Oz and the new all-women show The Real which features five women talking about real life situations, real people and real things.

I say the best way to get rid of belly fat is..............................

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