Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How are you?

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

                          A question that often follows Hello, Nice to meet you is "How Are You??"

Why is that?? I wonder so you may, too.
 I believe that how you feel affects how you are as a person. So, when you first meet someone you may ask how they are because it will affect how they are as a person or you perceive them. If the person responds energetically, you may view them as cheerful or fake. If they respond calmly, you may say they are rude or reserved. I believe people ask How Are You unknowingly. This is a very important question, yes, feelings change every second. You should be character driven instead of emotionally driven but many of us allow our emotions to make decisions in our lives.
I dare you to put aside How You Feel and Apply What is Real.
Learn who you are and whose you are. Then the devil won't have control over your Life but God will!!!!!

 Stop Looking Like This <---


Start Looking Like This<---

Every Dream of Yours can be a Reality if you Stop Allowing Past Mistakes and Pain to control You.

I always say "It is what it is"
When things occur that are out of your control, allow God to Handle It.

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Lively Living

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

What would you do if you entered a place with hundreds of kids chanting "We Need You
(your name goes here)?

How would you respond?

*This is what occurred when Alcia Keys visited South America for Keep A Child Alive Foundation. She responded by helping as best as she could!! Snippet- Below- Watch her journey on youtube.com/aliciakeysinsouthafrica  

-These SouthAfricans sense of Faith in God is extremely strong, even through dieases, pain, suffering, lack of resources, lack of education...They are Able to Say That God has a plan for them and He Also has a plan for YOU!!!

"Strength is not measured by how many times you've fallen but Measured by How Many Times You've Gotten UP"

Do You want a Disease to win you over or do you want to win?
-This answered My question, hopefully it will answer yours...

*HIV is transmitted through blood and other bodily fluids such as semen and vaginal fluid. This exchange of fluids can occur through sexual intercourse, drug injection, breastfeeding or during pregnancy with an infected mother. You cannot transmit HIV through hugging, kissing, coughing, shaking hands or sharing cutlery!
 Please Get Tested!!
 I know it may you my be afraid but aren't you more afraid to Die without knowing Why???

Alicia Keys has been in the studio cooking up new music, but she took time out of her busy schedule to promote another one of her passions, philanthropy. The Grammy-winning singer was a guest speaker at the Social Innovation Summit at United Nations Plaza New York City. She spoke about why she started her Keep A Child Alive foundation and how her trip to Africa in the early 2000s opened her eyes to the AIDS pandemic.
“It was human beings that I was meeting and seeing and coming in contact with and they were my age,” said Alicia. “They were five years younger than me and they had dealt with the most difficult, horrible circumstances and situations, and watched their parents just die and could do nothing about it because there was no way on Earth to access medicine.”
Hear her powerful words.

Program Spotlight: India
While India has a low percentage of people infected with HIV, the population of India is so large (1.22 billion people) that India is actually home to the third largest number of people living with HIV in the world. In 2012, Keep a Child Alive has focused its support in India on two programs : the Sahara Aalhad Care Home in Pune, and the Living India Home of Hope in Chandrakal.

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Beyonce and Blue Ivy

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

Glory- A song written by rap artist Jay Z:  The Most Beautiful lest thing in this world is states in this Song..It shows the Love that a Father should have for his daughter. A fathers job is to protect, provide and profess his love. This song should be an example to other Boys trying to be Men or for that Man that already understands, the value of his Child.

Love Your Child more than You Love Yourself!!

Photo of Baby Blue Ivy Carter: 

Photo of Beyonce as a Baby:

For those of You who say it is not Beyonce Baby..They look alike in these photos and think of the type of character Beyonce has.
Does she have a reason to Lie? Her career is overall, reiging. Do you think she would waste the time knowing that America would do everything to find something bad? She knows the critics are tough and she is a smart woman. Why would they have the baby in a public location? That was to show you, It's Real.

I absolutely Love and Adore Beyonce, she is an example of a beautiful, smart and successful woman living for God.

Just comment below....

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Chris Brown and Rihanna-Beg. 2012

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

I just want to say I love @rihanna and @chrisbrown, it sometimes causes me to be blindsided by my usual truth. 

I honestly Love the #Cake remix. It gets me excited, it makes people want to party and exercise. The lyrics are explicit but the world no longer hides the truth, we are becoming brutally honest. So, Give your honest opinion below about the remixes(Turn up the Music and Cake) on the comment section below:

The Turn up the Music does not sound too well to me because it lacks soul. It is very cheerleaderish to me. It's like pump your fist music, I'm not into that.

Chris Brown album's have not been a success in my eyes because I have not grown as a person or been entertained to the level expected. To be the Greatest, you must constantly be innovative, I'm waiting on his next big creation. I Love Rihanna but she can't sing!! 

^    Comment Below   ^

I am not looking for your jusfications or opinion on the Feb 2009-Chris Brown Domestic Violence on Robyn Rihanna Fenty. I do not believe in abuse and I am against the situation in all ways. So, comment on the music or my site. Thanks!!!

Love Bro Chris Brown and Sis Rihanna

The link for Cake is below:

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                   Fortune -Chris Brown's 5th Album- His Birthday May 5th

               A fellow Taurus:   Sweet Love                      Released July

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Link to Nicki's New Song-I Beez on The Track FEAT 2CHAINZ

My Favorite Performance of the Night. Nicki came in with a priest and dressed in a long heavy red jacket somewhat like Red Riding Hood. She did not smile, speak or take her hood off. She walked in with the  priest on her arm.

  • Later in the night, she performed. During her performance, she introduced a character from her Series, Roman, whom I had assumed was a boy.
  • In several of her songs, Roman was mentioned. In her song with Eminem, a vulgar, careless and fearless character named Roman was introduced. In Moment for Life, Roman's mother, Martha had a cameo and when asked "Where was Roman?" His Mother said "In bording school."
  • To my suprise, I found out Roman is a blonde, naturally beautiful woman. Don't Mistake the beautiful outward appearance for his/her personality. Roman is quite pyschotic!! Nicki put on a daring performance that to many was an excorcism.

I Love Nicki and her performance made me excited. So, for those who thought it was Satanic, calm down and Thank God for giving Onika Maraj, the beautiful talents that he bestowed upon her. I want to see the characters in a movie.


She arrived in a slender, long black gown with a tan. She was definitely the best dressed, her gown was Armani and she designed the idea of the piece. The back was out and a deep v was in the front. Rihanna said it was classy but a little gangsta. I absolutely Love Rihanna and consider her my Sister!!! Her younger brother and father was there as well.

See full size image

So as I type this, I'm screaming "Go Sister, Go Sister,Go!!" I LOVE YOU!!


Jessie J looked classy with a beautiful long silver(My Fav. color) dress and side ponytail. Her voice is to live for and she has such a charming personality. I love the message her music carries and did I say "HER VOICE IS TO LIVE FOR".


Ice Loves Coco, no wonder why!!! This woman knows how to be a woman. She was dressed by Fashion police (the only man on the show). I love their Love.

Katy Perry

I love Katy Perry, she seems fun and crazy but her dress on the Grammy's killed me. I did not like the shape, or the overall look. It looked like a grandma dress, it did not excite me or seem apropriate. Katy is wild and fun.
Tyra always says if your gonna show up top, dont show all your legs and vice versa. So, this would give Katy a classy but still young appearance.
She could've kept the soft blue as the color. She could've worn something like:

Bruno Mars-@brunomars
His performance was a shocker. He brought energy, James Brown moves and his Souful voice. Plus, I know he is soooo cute.
Bruno is very interesting.. tell me What you think??
The performance was o.k. but I'm kind of sick of him just dancing, I need to see new moves. I would like to hear him kill me with his voice in a love song. His dancing is already the best and we know this. I need More because when I seen Chris in concert, F.A.M.E concert, I was a little dissapointed. Kelly Rowland T.Pain did wonderful which I expected. I expected More out of Chris, his fun spirit seemed to be missing.

His New Album-Fortune- Soon 2 Be Released

The Chris I see is soemone who just wants to have a good time and he left his energy somewhere else. I still Love em!! Waiting on THAT PERFORMANCE THAT BLOWS MY MIND.

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Soul Train Awards

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen and Everything in Between:

Hello.. It's Marshay again..Today, I am discussing the Soul Train Awards.
**When I post my blogs, If you do not agree I would love to hear your opinions. No disrespect, fussing or verbal abuse will be given and none shall be received. This is to inform and entertain you.**


I loved Melanie Fiona @MelanieFiona outfit on the preshow. It was a black asymmetrical thigh length dress on one side and knee length on the other. Worn with nude & black colored tights. She had on black booties.
She hosted the red carpet preshow. She spoke with Earth, Wind and Fire, Amber Rose, Mindless Behavior and more.

Marsha Ambrosius-@MarshaAmbrosius

I do not like this look on her. Her bush is much cuter and original. This looks old and outdated but I Like Marsha Ambrosius.

Her song "Say yes" Acoustic Version on Youtube is beautiful and funny. This dress gives her no shape and covers up too much to be accompanied with long hair. She is very straight and this dress shows exactly that.

I love Amber Rose @DaRealAmberRose but her librarian wear was not appropiate for this event.

I believe it was jaw dropping as always. I was shocked that she did not astonish us with her usual sexy but classy attire. I love the photo I posted below of Amber below. Amber Rose is beautiful, Can't wait to see her at the next show.


Mindless Behavior


I support and love Mindless Behavior. 
A group made of Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal. 
They had an excellent performance and their attire was fit for a superstar boy group. They have swag, personality, amazing vocals and wonderful dancing talent. I see a great future in store for Mindless Behavior.

 @ChrisetteM Chrisette Michele looked absolutely gorgeous. Her hair was beautiful and the dress. Chrisette would catch more attention by showing her funny side and wearing brighter 
colors. A color such as green, light pink or electric purple.

*The show overall was o.k. to me. It was not diverse enough with the artists presented. 
The Soul was missing for the Soul Train Awards.
I did not feel impacted or moved that much.

If you missed the Soul Train Awards, watch it, I want to know your opinion.

I Love You because God Is Love!!

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