Friday, August 24, 2012

Practice What U Preach

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:



  • Earlier this week, I listened to my favorite rapper alive Lil Wayne in "Hail Mary."
  • Trey Songz song "Hail Mary" features Jeezy and Lil Wayne. 
  • One thing that Lil Wayne said struck a chord in my mind. He said "Practice what you Preach" and this statement reminded me of the judgement that Lil Wayne faces daily.
  • People judge Lil Wayne because he has tattoos on his whole body and face. He has 4 babies by 4 different woman and he raps using vulgar terms. They assume he is ignorant because he never graduated high school or went on to college.
  • I beg to differ, Lil Wayne is very intelligent for someone who only finished ninth grade. If people listen carefully to his lyrics, they will hear him use simile's and metaphors. They will hear lyrics that deserve to be quoted.
  • Lil Wayne has four kids and four baby mothers who all have a great relationship and he is actively involved in his kids lives.
  • Many people in this America, dish out  advice daily but do not think twice about taking that advice into their own lives.
  • People often call people dirty for being involved in several relationships but they are married and messing with someone on the side.
  • People often call other people irresponsible and dirty but do not clean themselves and do not take care of their households.
  • People will quickly judge you for your past mistakes but every Saint was once a Sinner. "Every Sinner has a future and Every Saint has a Past."
  • Be able to acknowledge what you have done and it's affect on those around you.
  • People will call you and your best friend fake then call your best friend and talk about you.
  • It is a great to help people in their time of need but be sure to evaluate yourself.
  • Do not promote positivity if your a pessimist, work on yourself first.
  • Do not promote nonviolence and talk about this fight you were in yesterday.                                                          
  • You can use your past as acknowledgement to help the person realize what they should and should not do when giving advice.



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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Great USA Olympians

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

Congratulations goes to everyone who participated in the 2012 Olympics!!

ARCHERY: After missing the target in Athens and Beijing the Yanks were closer to the bull’s-eye this time. Brady Ellison didn't get an individual medal his teammates grabbed the silver & Khatuna Lorig was just off the women’s podium.

 BOXING: The men had the biggest team at the Games and needed a reversed decision to produce one quarter finalist.The women sent three entrants and got a gold from teenager Claressa Shields and a bronze from Marlen Esparza.

BADMINTON: Howard Bach and Tony Gunawan, reunited at Olympus, couldn’t match their golden magic from the 2005 worlds and didn't win a match and Rena Wang lost to a Chinese opponent.
CANOE/KAYAK: The size of the squad — just seven entrants in flat water and slalom — says it all. Nobody made a final, much less contended for a medal. The Americans simply no longer are competitive in a sport where they were golden two decades ago.

CYCLING: The women carried the team and delivered as promised — a repeat time trial gold by Kristin Armstrong (coming off maternity leave) and silvers from Sarah Hammer in omnium and her teammates in team pursuit. 


DIVING: David Boudia’s platform gold was the first by the men since Greg Louganis in 1988 and the three synchro medals — a silver from Kelci Bryant and Abigail Johnston and bronzes by Boudia and Nick McCrory, and Troy Dumais and Kristian Ipsen - were pleasant surprises.


EQUESTRIAN: For the first time since 1956 the horsey set was off its feed. The empty outing may have been an aberration, but it’s clear that the Americans have been losing ground to the British, Germans, and Dutch.

FENCING: Mariel Zagunis, the two-time sabre titlist, missed the podium, it was an omen.


FIELD HOCKEY: They won the de facto championship of the Americas by beating silver medalist Argentina in the prelims but otherwise it was a lost Games as the Americans finished last in the 12-team field and took an unsightly 7-0 flogging from the South Africans, who didn’t make the podium.

JUDO: Kayla Harrison’s gold was a breakthrough and Marti Malloy’s bronze a bonus. The Yanks may not be deep but they come with quality. Jim Pedro knows how to produce podium people at his Wakefield dojo.
MODERN PENTATHLON: Margaux Isaksen’s fourth-place finish was tantalizingly close — eight points from the podium — for a program that hasn’t won a medal since 1984 but Dennis Bowsher’s 32d-place showing on the men’s side wasn’t unexpected. Until more than a smattering of Americans can name the five events in George Patton’s old sport, the USOC won’t pour cash into an upgrade.
ROWING: The Yanks collected what they’d come for — a repeat gold from the dominant women’s eight and bronzes from the women’s quad and men’s four, which was the priority boat this time.
SAILING: The women placed fifth in Elliott 6-meter, the US flotilla was nowhere near the podium after winning gold and silver in Beijing. 
SHOOTING: Their four medals were two fewer than the Americans bagged in Beijing but three of them were gold from Kim Rhode (her third in women’s skeet), Jamie Lynn Gray (women’s 3-position rifle), and Vince Hancock (men’s skeet). Only the South Koreans matched that.
SOCCER: The women turned World Cup disappointment into Olympic delirium with their third straight gold medal, taking the Japanese down a peg and doing it in regulation as sharpshooter Carli Lloyd and keeper Hope Solo had a Beijing reprise.
SWIMMING: Once again the chlorinated crew dunked the world, winning 31 medals to equal their Beijing haul, with their golds up from 12 to 16. Michael Phelps (6 for 7 for a career-record 22 medals) made a classy exit while Missy Franklin (four golds and a world record) made an exuberant entrance. Rhode Island’s Elizabeth Beisel came home with silver and bronze, which should entitle her to a lifetime supply of Del’s Frozen Lemonade.
SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING: Ever since the Yanks made a golden splash in 1992, they’ve gradually been sinking out of sight.
TABLE TENNIS: After a Beijing breakout by the women, reality returned. Ariel Hsing beat a Mexican and a Luxembourger but couldn’t handle a Chinese and nobody else won a match. Unless the USOC wants to pour millions into a grass-roots program, a medal is a distant dream.
TAEKWONDO: While the Lopez siblings were off the podium for the first time, Terrence Jennings and Paige McPherson both came up with bronzes after the Americans were blanked at the world championships. The Yanks still can kick it.
TENNIS: A golden repeat performance for the Williams sisters at Wimbledon, with Serena winning her first gold and she and Venus claiming their third in doubles. Brothers Bob and Mike Bryan won their first. Taken with Mike’s bronze in mixed doubles with Lisa Raymond, it made for another splendid fortnight.
TRACK AND FIELD: Six of them came from the women, who shattered East Germany’s doped world mark in the 4 x 100 relay that had stood for 27 years. The most impressive achievement was that 16 sprinters handled the baton without dropping it and came up with two golds and two silvers. Just like old times.
TRIATHLON: Middlebury grad Sarah Groff came within 10 seconds of making the podium, which would have been a boon for a program that has produced a sole bronze at four Games. 
VOLLEYBALL: Matching the men’s gold and women’s silver from Beijing figured to be a tall order, and it was. The men were squelched by the Italians in the quarterfinals while the women again were spiked by the Brazilians in the final. It won’t get any easier in Rio.
WATER POLO: Denied three times, the women finally grabbed their gold medal to confirm their global dominance. The men got as far as the quarterfinals before the Croatians drubbed them and ended up eighth.
WEIGHTLIFTING: A decent effort from a team so small that it could fit into a black cab. Seventh place from Sarah Robles and 10th place finishes from Holley Mangold and Kendrick Farris were respectable results.
WRESTLING: Only one more medal than Beijing but it was gold. The freestyle victories by Jordan Burroughs and Jake Varner were satisfying, as were the bronzes by Coleman Scott and Clarissa Chun. The Greco guys have to get back in the mix, though.

Information Source: The Boston Globe (C)2012

Women's USA Olympic Gymnastics Team
The Team Consist Of: Gabby Douglas, Jordyn Wieber, Aly Raismen, Kyla Ross and McKayla Maroney.

GYMNASTICS: They didn't match their eight medals in Beijing, the women got the two they most wanted — their first team gold at an overseas Games and their third straight all-around title with Gabby Douglas. Though McKayla Maroney’s rump-landing cost the Americans what they thought was a gimme gold on vault, Aly Raisman got one on floor and added a bronze on beam. 
US women’s gymnastics had a golden experience thanks to (from left) Kyla Ross, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman, Jordyn Wieber, and Gabby Douglas.

The Team Consist Of: Trell Kimmons,Tyson Gay, Ryan Bailey and Justin Gatlin. 

Women's Track Team
The Team Consists Of: Allison Felix, Fracena McCory, Sanya Richards-Ross and DeeDee Trotter.

The Team Consist Of: Carmelo Anthony, James Harden, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kevin Durant and more. 

Proud to Say that I am Apart of the USA!!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

The Best REALITY T.V. at it's Worse

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between: 

Reality TV:

  • I absolutely love reality shows. I love the excitement, drama and diversity.
  •  Reality Shows give us a deeper look into the lives of many different people in this world. 
  • Right now, my favorite reality show is Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Reality Shows are all Learning Experiences.
  • Read about what I have to say below. 

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta

  • Joseline and Stevie J make this show, LEGENDARY!!
  • I love the drama between this love triangle because woman need to realize this is what some men do.
  • I've always respected Rasheeda and I love her husband. This shows that marriage is difficult but worth the challenge.
  • K Michelle has an amazing voice and her new mixtape "0 fu-ks given" is the best.
  • Scrappy is the talk of town now but with his edge and fearlessness, I see why. K Michelle is funny, too.
  • I like his baby mother Erica and Momma Dee(with her gangsta self).
  • I want Mimi to find and keep a better man for her daughter's sake.
Stevie J and Joseline Interview with Hot 97
Stevie J and his daughter by Mimi Faust
K Michelle's "Bury My Heart"

Chicago Licous
  • I love this show, McCray() and Austin (@AustinEMaxfield)  are my favorite two people. McCray is hilariously fabulous and Austin is beautiful and sweet.
  •  Valencia, the oldest and longest hair stylist  at AJ's, is always fighting for the center of attention. She is a former model.
  • AJ is the owner of AJ's Hair Salon in Chicago. His voice is so irritating but I like him.
  • Niki is so eccentric and it brings a light to  people that live her lifestyle. She is a great worker. 
  • Katrell is nice but boring. This show is very similar to Beverly Hills:Fabulous with Elgin Charles(Jackee Harry ex-husband).

Mama Drama
  • A show with (supposedly)grown women and their 21 and over children who they do everything with.
  • Just like the title, the show is filled with Drama. Mothers cursing out daughters and daughters disrespecting mothers.
  • I do not like this show but I watch it.
Adrienne and Julissa
  • I have loved Adrienne since the Cheetah Girls, she has always been my favorite Cheetah Girl. I always loved her spicy attitude which is seen even more on the show.
  • Julissa was a host on 106 and park and I slightly remember her from the show.
  • The show shows these two best friends refreshing their careers and building Empires.
  • I Love Adrienne (@AdrienneBailon) and Julissa!!

Bad Girls Club
  • These girls are supposed to be transforming their bad ways but throughout the show, they fight and argue, only to discover their friends were their biggest enemies.
  • Each season starts off with seven females and as the show goes on, girls are replaced with new ones.

When you say "Reality Shows are fake." 
Always remember Tupac said "Reality is Wrong, Dreams are Real."

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