Thursday, July 25, 2013

RIGHTS For Trayvon Martin in JULY

Hello Ladies andGentlemen and Everything In Between:

****I know by now, we have all  heard the VERDICT OF NOT GUILTY in the case of George Zimmerman vs. Trayvon Martin. I would like to start by saying, I am not here to debate, argue or entertain any foolery so I'll simply state why I believe George Zimmerman is guilty. ****

Reason #1: Shoould you go against the laws order?

  • George Zimmerman shouldn't have followed Trayvon!! Number 1, the police told George not to follow Trayvon and he did so anyway, against the laws orders. Also, why would you just follow anyone with no intentions when your not playing tag?

Reason #2: If a person looks suspicious, would you follow them?

  • I've seen suspicious people before, I've evn ran from someone suspicious looking but I would never take the chance and follow them even if I had a firearm.

Reason #3: Can Trayvon Martin stand his ground?

  • I belive Bill Cosby was right when he said George stood his ground, what about Trayvon standing his? When someone follows you and harasses, you are not allowed to stand your ground.

Reason #4: Why did George say they always get away?

  • When someone says they always get away, who is the "they" that they are speaking of?
I dont like mentioning race and I  don't feel that's the biggest factor int his case, the issue is George wanted to be a police and be the hero when in turn, he ended a teenager's life.

Reason #5: If Trayvon was running in between houses, why didnt any of  the neighbors report him?

  • Trayvon wasn't running in between houses, he was walking to his father's home.
If I was the judges or juror, I wouldn't have to look past Reason #1, which is he shouldn't have followed Trayvon against police orders. He wanst to be the law but h e won't follow it but they claim Trayvon was in  the wrong. I do believe Trayvon turned around, asked him why he was following him and fought him but if George wouldn't have followed him, no intercation wouldve occurred.

Have you heard about george's cousin who claims he molested her at 6 years old several time?

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