Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beyonce and Blue Ivy

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

Glory- A song written by rap artist Jay Z:  The Most Beautiful lest thing in this world is states in this Song..It shows the Love that a Father should have for his daughter. A fathers job is to protect, provide and profess his love. This song should be an example to other Boys trying to be Men or for that Man that already understands, the value of his Child.

Love Your Child more than You Love Yourself!!

Photo of Baby Blue Ivy Carter: 

Photo of Beyonce as a Baby:

For those of You who say it is not Beyonce Baby..They look alike in these photos and think of the type of character Beyonce has.
Does she have a reason to Lie? Her career is overall, reiging. Do you think she would waste the time knowing that America would do everything to find something bad? She knows the critics are tough and she is a smart woman. Why would they have the baby in a public location? That was to show you, It's Real.

I absolutely Love and Adore Beyonce, she is an example of a beautiful, smart and successful woman living for God.

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