Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Soul Train Awards

Hello Ladies & Gentlemen and Everything in Between:

Hello.. It's Marshay again..Today, I am discussing the Soul Train Awards.
**When I post my blogs, If you do not agree I would love to hear your opinions. No disrespect, fussing or verbal abuse will be given and none shall be received. This is to inform and entertain you.**


I loved Melanie Fiona @MelanieFiona outfit on the preshow. It was a black asymmetrical thigh length dress on one side and knee length on the other. Worn with nude & black colored tights. She had on black booties.
She hosted the red carpet preshow. She spoke with Earth, Wind and Fire, Amber Rose, Mindless Behavior and more.

Marsha Ambrosius-@MarshaAmbrosius

I do not like this look on her. Her bush is much cuter and original. This looks old and outdated but I Like Marsha Ambrosius.

Her song "Say yes" Acoustic Version on Youtube is beautiful and funny. This dress gives her no shape and covers up too much to be accompanied with long hair. She is very straight and this dress shows exactly that.

I love Amber Rose @DaRealAmberRose but her librarian wear was not appropiate for this event.

I believe it was jaw dropping as always. I was shocked that she did not astonish us with her usual sexy but classy attire. I love the photo I posted below of Amber below. Amber Rose is beautiful, Can't wait to see her at the next show.


Mindless Behavior


I support and love Mindless Behavior. 
A group made of Prodigy, Princeton, Ray Ray, and Roc Royal. 
They had an excellent performance and their attire was fit for a superstar boy group. They have swag, personality, amazing vocals and wonderful dancing talent. I see a great future in store for Mindless Behavior.

 @ChrisetteM Chrisette Michele looked absolutely gorgeous. Her hair was beautiful and the dress. Chrisette would catch more attention by showing her funny side and wearing brighter 
colors. A color such as green, light pink or electric purple.

*The show overall was o.k. to me. It was not diverse enough with the artists presented. 
The Soul was missing for the Soul Train Awards.
I did not feel impacted or moved that much.

If you missed the Soul Train Awards, watch it, I want to know your opinion.

I Love You because God Is Love!!

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Adios Amigos, Until Next Time
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