Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mike Ferguson: December 3 2014

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

Its been a very long time since I have written a post on BlogSpot, as I have transitioned to wordpress over the last few months but it is time for me to come home. As I attended, a Blogging For Business class, the teacher discussed her use of BlogSpot and when I went home, I began exploring BlogSpot again and I love it way more than wordpress but that's besides the point. The point is today, I will write what I have already verbally expressed in my youtube channel, Hot Sugar ShowRoom. If you haven't, subscribe now by going to youtube and searching Hot Sugar ShowRoom or Marshay Herder. Now, lets discuss the verdict that I am sure you have heard by now.


Darren Wilson, the shooter in the Mike Brown case did not get indicted. The question I asked on my vlog Hot Sugar ShowRoom was What did we expect? Did we expect our country that for years hasn't protected us, black people to on that day, change. I didn't!! I am only nineteen years old and there was nothing in my mind, that told me that the results of this case would come out any different. As far as history has shown, the average African American doesn't have half a chance of living a full out life that the average white man does and this is not all by choice. Some choose to make decisions that don't better their lives while others try, but are never given equal opportunity. This, we need to work on changing and I'll tell you tearing up the streets of our own neighborhoods will not ignite that change but doing everything necessary to get their attention, WILL!! I do not place blame on those whose angered hearts caused them to tear up the streets of Ferguson, we as African Americans are tired. Tired of the injustice, the sentencing placed on our lives that in comparison to a lighter skinned person would not compare. Now, I am not saying that when we commit crimes, we should get away with no repercussions but what I am saying is that America, the so called "land of the free" should not continue to bind us up behind bars for a case that is not deserving of our lives. We should not have our blood spread across the pavement of our own streets because of our appearance such as hoodies or size. When Darren Wilson said that Mike Brown was almost three hundred pounds and six feet four and he was afraid for his life, so he shot him. That was a lame excuse for his unnecessary behavior. Darren Wilson is 210 pounds and six feet four, also. So, why was he afraid again? If you take notice, this is the same lame excuse that George Zimmerman used on Trayvon Martin, a hoodie and his size scared him. Lets be honest, its not our skin that scares you, its not the size that scares you but its the fact that we one day could run the world with no bars tying you up. Our talent, our gifts, our abilities, our strengths and ability to survive is what fears you most. You've never met a generation of people that can be battered, scorned, and torn apart and still come out on top, we are natural survivors. We are different from you because If you were striped of your money, big businesses and jobs, you'd no longer want to live. You'd turn to the nearest drugs and addictions to cope with the circumstances that you are in, until you kill yourself from hopelessness. Instead of trying to kill our kids, you should try to learn something from them. I'm not pointing fingers at every white person nor am I excusing the behavior of our every black person but I am enlightening the world on something that has occurred for years with no reason as to why.

This is the face of the eighteen year old shot and killed by Darren Wilson:

I wont post Darren Wilson's photo but you could kindly google him to see.
Just like the GOP Staffer Elizabeth Lauten who had absolutely disrespectful remarks towards the first children, Sasha and Malia Obama. She was allowed to voice her opinion on the girls in an publically humiliating way with news channels bringing up her dirt and shining her in a bad light but they surely did that to Mike Brown. Only one picture of her drinking has been released but no one has forced her to honesty, own up to behavior. Its ridiculous because if the first family was WHITE, half of the things that have been said about Obama, put out about Obama would not be tolerated. This is all I have to say about this.

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