Sunday, December 28, 2014

Why we should celebrate holidays with JOY?

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

As the holidays have been rolling in, I have been thinking about Why we should celebrate holidays with JOY? I have noticed that many people become sad, depressed and hopeless around this supposed to be joyful time. I have even noticed my own lack of excitement around the holidays and I am writing to check myself and maybe there is someone else who needs to reevaluate their holiday mood.

I have noticed that particularly around the holiday season, families have lost children (R.I.P Damiyah and anyone else) and close family members to illnesses. It is something about this time that life usually takes a unique turn. I have recgonized this as a time of giving.

Giving is something that should be done daily, whether giving of your time, space, mind, soul, heart, spirit, body and more. Giving should occur. Support Loads of Love, to stay updated follow @rdaugett_catering or @iamfreakii on IG or twitter.

I tought about Christmas and how in the Christian community, we celebrate Jesus's birthday on this very day. My mind began to think how unselfish God is that on his birthday or day of celebration, we receive gifts and whether you received 1 or 100, it doesnt matter. God's love is the greatest gift you could ever receive and he presents you with it everyday. I am so enamored with how we celebrate Christmas with a Christmas tree with family. The tree is a representation of your family tree and underneath are gifts to and from God's gift. Do you understand what I am saying? We are God's gifts that he so kindly shares with the world.

For those who have lost a child or family member around this time, dont take their passing as a lost. Take it as a gain. God gave you his gift, his child and he decided that you would present him with the amazing gift of returning his child home to him during this holiday season. He did not want your child, sister, mother or friend to have to live in suffering during such a celebratory time. Its okay to cry, its okay to wonder why but understand that God's plan is so much larger and well thought that you will not get it at this very moment but eventually you will find peace.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what you're given, is how most people view Thanksgiving to be while my thoughts are that Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for what you don't have, and can still get and what you're able to give. It's God's way of saying "there's more to come,"which means dont worry about a thing cause' every lttle thing is going to be all right. The reason we celebrate with food is because when we become full off of food, God feeds us in a Supernatural way. We miss the fact that cousin Tom, whom we havent seen in three years is there. We miss the fact that Aunt Lisa is chronically ill but offered her home as the place to celebrate. Message: Be appreciate of the small thing's, there's always a tomorrow, dont live your life in sorrow.

New Year's are a creation of the world, meaning a new year could really start whenever you chose. Since it has already been chosen for us, New Year's is a time of resolutions for many folks. They ask themselves "What Can I do diffrently this year?" The answer usually revolves around starting fitness plans, new diets, changing friends, getting a new sceneary and more. While previous years, I have created New Year's resolutions which I started upon and barely ever finished. My biggest acknowledgement of when I've done something new or different is when I began that very day that I thought of the idea. Start immediatly because when I postpone it to began in a new year, nothing normally changes except for the date. If it was something, my heart really desired, Why couldnt I start tooday? Im not discouraging you to have New YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS, I am encouraging to began your journey now.

Thats all today, folks.

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time
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