Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"Still Standing" Monica at DTLR in Baltimore

 Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between: 

Today, I went to go see the amazing mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend Mrs. Monica Brown and how could I forget phenomenal singer. I drove an hour and a half to attend her meet and greet which was worth our three selfies. 

Monica was very sweet to all her fans. She hugged and spoke to everyone who was there to meet her. She had about one hundred and fifty people in line I would say. The first 50 in front of me, had full conversations, old cd's signed and pictures taken. By the time, the line got to me it was switched around to only pictures, no autographs which was fine with me.

I walked up to Monica, gave her a hug, took my photo and she asked did I want to take selfies because it was dark in there?; I said yes, we took a good three to four and I left. 

The experience was definitely worth it. I would recommend others to go out and see Monica when she comes to their city. She's such an inspirational woman. A woman of God and not afraid to be herself. 

The location was good. The mall had some nice stores in it with cute clothes, I felt safe but it was extremely hot. So hot, my allergies were acting up and I had to take a pill. I hope they turn their air condition on next time. 

Also, seen a friend I used to blog with, who is also a photographer and she is always on the job!!  Visit her website at

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Adios Amigos, Until Next Time 
Marshay H. 
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