Saturday, January 23, 2016

Poem "Apologize for Black" by M.H.

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

Hey Everyone, I know if you are in the #DMV area, you are probably netflixing and chilling right now as it is a blizzard outside so I wanted to share a poem with you that I wrote in about twenty minutes at noon. Comment with your thoughts!!

Apologize for Black

 In 2016, it's okay for us to feel
Like our black skin isn't real
Real-ly the reason you view me differently than before
Heard me on the phone
Was willing to open a door
And let me walk in with no apologies
For my skin
Being black, we are so used to apologizing for who we are
I'm sorry that my skin caused you to think I steal
I'm sorry that my skin caused you to feel
Like you had to run or hide, or even stay inside 
My, my, you had to swallow your pride and say
You're not what I expected, so different
Your decision you regret it 
Crazy how I walked away thinking I didn't do everything I could
Had the answers down to a tee, a resume that surely impressed me
But he said "No" and now I'm thinking I could've done more
Then Mama says there's no more u can do
In this world, baby
I have to tell you the truth
They don't see your intelligence, dedication or motivation
They see a thug, a thief, a drug dealer, an absent father and most of all, A Black Man
A Black Man
A Black Man that to them is great for being the help
Is good enough to lift, push and pull 
Is good enough to move, work, and play
But to offer a position
Permanent at that, is the biggest regret
Because deep down they know
That if ever offered an opportunity to be on the same level
That your position will be threatened
Career will be reckoned
And not that his intentions made it so
But honestly, your perfect grammar and your   White collar suit
Suits you for the position much better than I 
Oh, Why?
My black is only good enough for basketball and rapping
I could never be the CEO
I could never be the owner
Because then, I am owning a part of me that isn't true
Black Brothers, it's not in u
Ever to be greater than your skin has allowed you to be
And they want you down on your knees
Begging and pleading, please
Master, don't kill me
With your hands up in surrenderance
Your future to him lies dependence
Then I say to Mama
You've always said I was a King
Well, that's because to me my son, you are
And I don't ever want you to apologize for being black
You are smart, handsome, strong, hardworking, kind, caring, one of a kind
And Baby, you're mine
So don't ever for one second think
You have to.... Apologize for Black

-Marshay Herder

Adios Amigis, Until Next Time
Marshay H.
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