Saturday, January 9, 2016

How Ordinary Are You??

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen:

How Ordinary Are You? 

Many of you may say "very" and there are few who may say "not at all." The few who would say "not at all" is the group I most relate to but I would like to speak to the "very" group tonight. Very ordinary may seem like an extreme compliment because it doesn't seperate you, outcasts you, point you out or condemns you in any manner but the not at all classifies you as weird, crazy, different, and something wrong. When in all actuality, there is something wrong with desiring to be just like everyone else, wishing, hoping to be like everyone else. I've come across a thousand teenagers in high school and they all sound the same, dress the same, look the same and began to act the same in school causing me not to be able to differentiate one from another. Why is that? I believe in our childhood we are often taught that being different is a problem, if you sit and everyone else is standing, you are pointed out and ridiculed; if you cry while everyone else is laughing, you are ridiculed without question or concern as to why and that is what causes kids to form a misperceptions that being different, standing out is a problem and it is better to fit in with society, agree with society's standards then form your own mindset and way of thinking. By the time most kids are in middle school, they are trying to discover who they feel they are at a young age and are curious as to so many things that their natural childlike mind would not dare to think. By high school, a huge misconception is formed that right is where the majority is, not what God says, not what God has spoken but what the majority feels is okay and acceptable. Is there anybody willing to be bold and honest about who they are and not give two cents of thought to what someone else feels about who they are? Stop living to be cool, everyone you're trying to impress could careless about you so start living to please God. At the end of the day, he is the one person that never leaves you nor forsake you. God could never see you fall and not pick you up. Trust him in all that you do and know that who he created to be is perfect for you and is not up to anyone else to like, love or appreciate. 

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time
Marshay H. 
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