Friday, June 1, 2012

Be A Lover Who Fights for What's Right

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

"Be a Lover Who Fight for What's Right" 

This statement means that you should Love instead of Hate and fight (not physically) but you  should put everything you have inside to stand up for issues that Matter.

Love + Love = Love

  • If you love  to love it equals love.
Love + Hate= Hate

  • If you love to hate it equals hate.
Hate + Hate = Hate 

  • If you hate to hate, it equals hate.
Hate + Love = Love 

  • If you hate to love, you hate.

Being a Hater, it takes a lot of energy and work, Why waste your time? I think you should give Love and guarantee it will be received. 

H- Hurt
A- Angry
T- Tired
E- Emotional

A Four Letter Word that causes pain, guilt, shame, relief, and energy? It ends with an E. 

Unzip-pen your past hurts and past pain, the things you've experience, you wouldn't want any other to do the same. I understand that it hurts but like Tyra says "You cannot allow yourself to become a victim of it but you must learn and grow from it.

^^If no one has told you and even if they have, I want you to know..Read Below^^

Martin Luther King Jr. once stated "You die the moment you become silent on issues that matter"

You should care about something if not everything and you should help MAKE A DIFFERENCE

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