Friday, August 24, 2012

Practice What U Preach

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:



  • Earlier this week, I listened to my favorite rapper alive Lil Wayne in "Hail Mary."
  • Trey Songz song "Hail Mary" features Jeezy and Lil Wayne. 
  • One thing that Lil Wayne said struck a chord in my mind. He said "Practice what you Preach" and this statement reminded me of the judgement that Lil Wayne faces daily.
  • People judge Lil Wayne because he has tattoos on his whole body and face. He has 4 babies by 4 different woman and he raps using vulgar terms. They assume he is ignorant because he never graduated high school or went on to college.
  • I beg to differ, Lil Wayne is very intelligent for someone who only finished ninth grade. If people listen carefully to his lyrics, they will hear him use simile's and metaphors. They will hear lyrics that deserve to be quoted.
  • Lil Wayne has four kids and four baby mothers who all have a great relationship and he is actively involved in his kids lives.
  • Many people in this America, dish out  advice daily but do not think twice about taking that advice into their own lives.
  • People often call people dirty for being involved in several relationships but they are married and messing with someone on the side.
  • People often call other people irresponsible and dirty but do not clean themselves and do not take care of their households.
  • People will quickly judge you for your past mistakes but every Saint was once a Sinner. "Every Sinner has a future and Every Saint has a Past."
  • Be able to acknowledge what you have done and it's affect on those around you.
  • People will call you and your best friend fake then call your best friend and talk about you.
  • It is a great to help people in their time of need but be sure to evaluate yourself.
  • Do not promote positivity if your a pessimist, work on yourself first.
  • Do not promote nonviolence and talk about this fight you were in yesterday.                                                          
  • You can use your past as acknowledgement to help the person realize what they should and should not do when giving advice.



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