Tuesday, July 16, 2013


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

  • Let's not go into youtube videos this time because I cant think of any, out of 1,000,000,000 of them that exist so this time we'll just discuss the R and  B Divas of Atlanta and LA.
Reality is one of the biggest media outlets today and I happen to be one of its main supporters.

R and B Divas LA is set to Premiere as R and B Divas Atlanta ended on July 10, 2013

R and B Divas Atlanta
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  • I love this show, let's start with that. It is entertaining and informing!! There are several women on this show (5 main ladies + a couple of featured ladies who are becoming stars themselves through this reality show such as Monifah's fiance and Syleena's sister).
"I feel as though all of the singers on this show are women who started their careers at a young age and have tried to reach a certain point in their careers whatever that may be to them and at some point, reached a subliminal  obstacle that got in the way and made them take a slight turn. They are now on their journey to discovery and recovery, with the destination of a R and B Divas Tour. "
  1. My favorite DIVA of them all, Ms KeKe Wyatt. Ms. KeKe Wyatt is hilarious and full of a vibrant personality that makes you want to continue to watch the show. She has a whole bunch of kids which is nice and a husband named Michael JAMAR. Not only that but she has a voice that ould literally knock you out of your seat. I could go on and on about Ke Ke and I think she would like that but I'm going to give the other ladies a few minutes of my time.
  2. Nicci Gilbert aka Ms. Mouth all Mighty (I love you Nicci, trust me, I do) but I called her Mouth all Mighty because she is bold, outspoken and often abrasive. There is nothing wrong with being bold, it just sometimes could backfire. Nicci, I have to say that when Syleena told you off, it was hilarious!!!! I'm laughing right now as I write this. Nicci does need to watch how she treats people and what she says to them but she's not a bad person, that Im sure of just a little bitter.
  3. Syleena Johnson, hasn't been the nicest throughout the season but she has tried to keep peace by inviting Nicci to her home, by speaking to Nicci gently but one wrong thing that Nicci said and everything spirals out of control. I just wish her and Nicci get it together, immediately for the sake of the tour but for the sake of the show, they probably will stay where they are at.
  4. Monifah, is my second favorite R and B Diva from Atlanta, she is cool, funny, and smart. Every time the girls get into a debate, she is the one to cool the confusion.
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KeKe Wyatt
Syleena Johnson

Nicci Gilbert

Faith Evans


Angie Stone

The only one I knew before this show was Faith Evans, the rest are all new to me.

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time
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