Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Back Together

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and Everything In Between:

This is a subject I wanted to write about because several artists such as Jill Scott and Robin Thicke have songs titled "Back Together" and Tyrese is trying to get back with his woman through his song "Shame."

Do you believe that it is okay to get back together with an "ex"? Do you believe that people were specifically made to be together? Side note: I'm currently listening to Trey Songz "Made To Be Together." 

I believe that if it's an "ex," that they were meant to stay that in most cases because obviously the person did something to create a strain in the relationship. You must choose to love yourself better to not suffer with the same   issues that are not building but destroying who you are. Some of you have a destiny that is beyond the relationship that you're currently in but you choose to settle for "not that bad." "Not that bad" is I have a job and I'll give you something towards the bill but I require you to be everything that I want in a woman. Men forget to be a man and vice versa.

People say that women today are different, which is true because men today are not built like they use to be. At least if they would cheat, it would be kept away from the home and often, they still handled their responsibilities as a man at home.
I admire Tyrese's audacity to admit that he is ashamed of his behavior and he wants his girl back. Many men feel this way but allow their ego's and pride to deter their true emotions from being expressed.

How many is "too many" chances to be given to a significant others?

I personally feel that the circumstances, time length and emotional connection all are major factors in determining whether to just call it quits or try again.
If it is more than seven years, why not fight for something that has been "good" overall. If less than three years, how can you last a lifetime if that is apart of your relationship goal if your significant other is unable to sustain for a short period of time.

So, the question Should we get back together? Is one that only you, God, and that other person could determine.
You know your battles, trials, triumphs and ability to push forward through them all only if you feel it is worth it and only time will tell.

Adios Amigos, Until Next Time
Marshay H.

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